Odeo Mk3 LED Flare

On offer - now £99.95 including free, 1 metre paracord lanyard, a clear plastic storage tube.

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McMurdo Ranger Outdoor

McMurdo Ranger Fastfind Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) Outdoor

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Sharx Fox 40 Safety Whistle

The Loudest safety whistle in the world.

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New - Battery Caddies

Securely hold batteries in place.

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Ultimate Navigation Manual

Shaven Raspberry partner Lyle Brotherton has today published his new ground braking book the Ultimate Navigation Manual.

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Chinagraph/Grease Pencil Pack

Chinagraph/Grease Pencil Pack
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Chinagraph/Grease Pencils

We have spent ages trialling lots of different chinagraph pencils and have finally found the best – Staedtler Lumocolour Glasochrom permanent pencil.  We both use them for route planning and for out on the hill.

  • Wood cased pencil – won’t go soggy
  • Permanent and waterproof writing
  • Writes well on laminated and wet laminated maps!
  • Can be knife sharpened in the field
  • Smudge resistant

Pencils verses Pens

We made the simple distinction of using the pens indoors for planning and the pencils when navigating, with the exception of one pen always on a rucksack strap (See Lumocolor Pen Expert Tips)

Expert Tips

  • These are permanent pencils and have good resistance against rubbing off in the field or being washed off by inclement weather. Use a pre-injection medi-swab to clean your annotations of your map at the end of the day!
  • Cut the pencils in half to make them easy to store


The Shaven Raspberry three colour protocol for map annotation

This protocol will help you in planning your trip marking everything from your proposed route to noting the local magnetic declination. In SAR they can be used to plan your mission define search areas and make notes on route and assist with dynamic decision making in the field.

Red Pencil

  • Mark current location, as in thumbing the map
  • Mark waypoints
  • Cross-hatching danger areas
  • Plotting bearings: Resection and intersections
  • Escape routes

Blue Pencil

  • Routes
  • Tracks
  • Perimeters/borders of areas of demarcation
  • Search areas

Black Pencil

  • Writing notes
  • Grid reference
  • Telephone numbers etc.

Pack 3 pencils – Red, Blue & Black Price - £5.49

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